About us


We are l'Albelló, a family design and production studio of handmade ceramics located in the middle of the Mediterranean, on the island of Mallorca. L'Albelló born at the end of 1998 in Pòrtol, a small town with a pottery manufacture tradition dating back to the end of the XVII century, from where we proudly made every piece with high quality materials and all the care they deserve.


Esperança, Maria and Cati.


At l'Albelló we made by hand all our pieces one by one, from start to finish. Using only traditional techniques, we shape delicate objects on the potters wheel, we let them dry, and then we decorate them with our hands and fire them as our ancestors did.


The scenery, serenity, simplicity, the quietness of our land

and the freshness of our sea, permeates every piece we made.


Update a traditional craft, promote local, fair and sustainable trade are our goals.